One of our favorite things to do: celebrate love!  (Dancing the night away isn't that bad either!) Thanks, Linda and Louis, for your friendship and your spectacular Malibu wedding!


Live with Kelly...Smoothie Day. Co-host: John Leguizamo. He still owes me his dry cleaning bit after a "blender malfunction!" (And yes, Kelly really is THAT nice and funny - and smart - too!)


Back stage at Live with Kelly... Getting ready for Smoothie Day!


Cape May, Jersey Shore - Anniversary weekend.


50 Cent ... and US! Amazing to meet and hang out for a bit in Los Angeles... #ConnecticutConnection!


Padres vs. Yankees - Petco Park, San Diego. (Yanks won.)


Apple crunch day with my besties!


Starring: the Guggenheim!  Always look both ways when crossing the street! :-)


Beach walk with my wonderful friend, Stephanie!


So much fun at Access Hollywood Live with Kit Hoover and Natalie Morales.


Cat sitting! (Swami's Beach, Encinitas, CA)


Sky writing trifecta - Grand Rapids, MI summer!


Funky Caprese fixin's


My first magazine cover - a lot of fun and quite surreal
to see it in the stacks at Barnes and Noble!


Northern Michigan - fun sharing a meal, moments and
lots of tart cherries in Michigan with Chef Mario Batali!


Summer fun - to the max. A moment of extreme peace
and evening enjoyment with friends on Lake Michigan!

Paris selfie!


Crepes at the Chartres Cathedral in France. Oo-la-la!


Stilts in Sweden with cousins! I haven't been on stilts since
 I was a young girl. It sure made me feel like one again!!!


Summer fun San Diego-style! We got new bathing suits!


Condiment Clean-up with Willie Geist on TODAY . . .
we're Eating Clean and having fun thanks to wonderful recipes in
Prevention Magazine's July issue!
Photos by Samantha Okazaki / TODAY


Proud and humbled (and having a ball!)  Yes, those blueberries were dropped
and then consumed by a local San Diego surfer who was post-surf hungry!
Photo by the super-amazing Pearl Preis Photography.


The 2015 Challenged Athlete Foundation Gala at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC.
An inspiring and incredible evening of stories, celebrations and impactful fund-raising!


Trying on some new (wooden) shoes! In Holland, Michigan!
(They're pretty comfortable, too!)

Beachside activities...strecthin' it out!
Calumet Park in Bird Rock, San Diego.
Photo by Pearl Preis


A special celebration with Mediterranean Chicken and
Walnut-Crusted Salmon with our besties. Oh yeah!


This is a tulip! From the tulip festival and
 family fiesta in Holland, Michigan.


More tulip activities. We took a Delft painting class with
acclaimed (and super delightful) artist, Carolyn Stich.


I love the fun shapes that Mother Nature provides!
. . . and the flavor! O.M.Goodness!


Riding in the amphibious vehicle - yes, it can drive into the water.
And then it's a boat! (Holding on for dear life!)


This is a real sign! You know there are a lot of
Dutch traditional activities going on!!!


Jason, moving the stone wall.


Having fun with Kelly and Michael for Kickstart the New Year 2015!

Flashback: Wintertime LOVE JUMP in NYC 2010.


“You’ve got to ac-cen-tchu-ate the positive, e-lim-i-nate the negative.
And latch on to the affirmative.
Don’t mess with Mister In Between!” ~Johnny Mercer


Fall time roasting pumpkin seeds! Yum!


Flashback: San Francisco with father and son, Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez.


Happy, healthy, haunted Halloween treats (not tricks)!


Culinary and Nutrition presentation with my friend and colleague,
Chef Kevan Vetter from McCormick, at the Food and Nutrition Conference
and Expo in Atlanta. What a delicious experience!


Kona Ironman World Championships with athletes and friends, Julia and Steve,
Bob Babbit, Apolo Ohno, Craig (Crowie) Alexander and so many wonderful people!


The PTR (Party Then Run) party the night before the race for non-competitors and
supporters hosted by Bob Babbit (pictured here with us).
The motto: Swim 0.0 miles, Bike 0.0 miles, Run 0.0 miles!
It was quite the endurance event!

Midnight fruit and champagne in Paris! Oo-la-la!


An amazing visit to Paris and the Dordogne region! A great adventure!


An amazing evening with friends in the Dordogne—
we made an Omelette aux Cepes (Mushroom Omelette) and it was deee-lish!


Flashback: 1998 Beach Jump the summer we got married!


What a treat to enjoy a visit with the legendary David Crosby.


Back to School 2014!  Lunchtime on Live with Kelly and Michael.


What an experience to hold this trophy!
The Men's Singles Champion Cup for the U.S. Open.


AT Round 2 of the U.S. Open - Andy Murray and Matthias Bachinger. (Andy Murray advances!)
OK, so my form and fashion are a bit awkward for proper tennis. . .
it was tons of fun being part of the crowd!


IDEA World Fitness Convention - among colleagues, friends
and lots of active and engaged individuals.


Wow! A whole new kind of 'active'!
Bouncing super-shoes. She certainly has a 'spring' in her step!


Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon and Half Marathon with Apolo Ohno -
working together on the road to Kona Ironman World Championship 2014!


The Big Blue Teardrop in Vancouver! Such an adventure with Jason.
All smiles, no tears!


Our nephew Ty serenaded us with his incredible guitar skills!


Jason played with his pal, Dave, (first time together in 20+ years)
in Brooklyn, NY at Pete's Candy Store.


Boise 70.3 Ironman race. Apolo's first triathlon EVER! 
And he really performed! Sub-5 hours!


Summertime soup! NYC delight.


With an incredibly inspiring (and unbelievable)
athlete and friend, Leanda Cave, at the St. Croix 70.3 Ironman.


A big heart in the sky! Love shining down!


With friends, including the incredible Thomas Keller in Napa at
Ad Hoc in Yountville, Napa Valley.
Yes, we noted the fashion coordination!


Vista of our friends' stunning Sonoma Syrah vineyard!

Red, White and Blueberry salad!
Tomatoes, red pepper, strawberries, feta, sliced almonds,
garbanzo beans, blueberries. . . and greens
(tonight it was spinach and arugula.)|


Brussels sprouts and apples. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!
Following a delicious (and easy) recipe from my friends at McCormick.

At the CAF Athlete Foundation Annual Gala.
Inspiration!!!  Motivation!!! With Sarah Reinertsen, Bob Babbitt,
Minda Dentler, and superfriends, Julia and Steve!

Feeling strong (well, inspired mostly) in the company of
legendary athletes and fellow coaches Craig (Crowie) Alexander
and Paula Newby-Fraser.

Move daily!  A wonderful walk with friends in Walnut Creek, CA!


Cooking up a storm and sharing kitchen time
with Thomas Keller and friends in beautiful Michigan.


Feelin' fancy and celebrating an amazing organization that makes
a HUGE impact in the lives of children around the world.
At the Children's Lifeline Gala with our friend, Chetna Bhatt.


Up in Boise at the 70.3 Ironman with
Kona Ironman World Champion, Craig (Crowie) Alexander.


We talked ALL about healthy breakfasts at Live with Kelly and Michael.
(YES, they ARE as nice as they seem on TV!)

Pizza, Kayaking, and a bit of gardening (with delightful results this year!)
Eat well, Move daily, Be Healthy!


Farmers' Markets are ALWAYS on the menu!
Vancouver, Canada.


Yup, it's a selfie (her request!) with Marion Ross.


Local tacos, the Elliptigo, and hay rides for FUN!
Eat well, Move daily, Be Healthy!

Just a man and his guitar - Del Mar, CA.

A winter’s hike on the beach in Encinitas. Ahhhh SoCal sunsets.


With the fabulous Zandra Rhodes! What an inspiration.

Santa Cruz morning hike. . . .reward: coffee. Foot2Fork!


Eat real food! The ingredient list on bananas? BANANA!

Hiking and setting sights for the new year! SoCal – Solana Beach!


Ummm. I better hurry up! San Francisco, Chinatown.
You can’t make this up.


Inspiration and an amazing performance – in open air.
Joshua Bell-issimo in Napa.


 Las Vegas fun Bazilian-style. Things are lookin’ up!


Jason, my darling hubby, riding the carousel with me in San Francisco.


 Cherry harvest time UP in (the air) in beautiful Michigan! I LOVE it!!!


At the AIDA Opera party with longtime friend, Zandra Rhodes!
 (The only time I’ve seen her without her iconic pink hair.)


Napa Festival del Sole! Wonderful music, dance, food, wine . . .and wellness!


My dear friend, Chef Michel Stroot!


OMGoodness! It’s a baby lion. I wish you could hear the amazing buzz-purr it made.
And that belly – so much cuteness!!!


On the farm. Favorite place on earth.


Oh how true. (Nike Basketball Coaches’ conference).


Can’t get any better than a fresh baked pie! Northern Michigan.


An honor and so much fun! Live with Kelly!!!
(I mean ‘live’ with Kelly Ripa—how nice is she?!)


On a tour at the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis, NC.
I was just so excited I couldn’t contain myself.


On the boat in Baltimore! A wonderful moment of calm.


Seriously. . . ok, it’s just hard to be serious sometimes.


Mackinac Island – northern Michigan bliss! Stepping back in time with wonder.


 A happy moment in Napa—Jason and me.

Los Angeles cup-o-tea on NBC TV!

Reporting LIVE from Orlando. . .on the importance of breakfast.


Good Morning America before the segment. . .


Jenny McCarthy (if you were wondering!) and me!


 So many laughs and a great segment with
 Kelly Ripa and Jessie Palmer!


Having fun talking about ways to make over your lunchbox this fall!
Live with Kelly and Michael.


Wendy spicing up summer salads and side dishes with
Kit Hoover and Michelle Beadle on Access Hollywood.

Start your Juicers! Healthy Juicing (x a Bazilian)
on Live with Kelly and Michael. We jammed one of the juicers LIVE—
so funny (and no one got hurt)!


Enjoying the amazing San Francisco Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building.
That's a pomelo!


Las Vegas Rock-n-Roll Marathon (we did the half!)
My shoes are the bright pink ones!


A closer look at nutrition!


Cheering on Hines Ward at the Navy Seal Sprint Triathlon
in Coronado, CA, Spring


Sharing smiles at the soft-opening of chef Tal Ronin’s vegan restaurant
in Los Angeles. (artichoke caviar!)


Jason and I bumped into Bill Cunningham, iconic fashion photographer,
 one beautiful afternoon in Central Park. 


Jason, the proud picker of fresh strawberries!


Reporting Live from Orlando, Florida about the
importance of breakfast!